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Originally Posted by 24champbailey
game was over in the 5th inning anyway...

dodgers traded away relief pitcher Baez and Aybar for betemit? I can see trading Baez since he is worthless but not Aybar!
I can't believe the Braves made that deal. Many thought that Betemit was a better player than Marcus "glass" Giles, and with the way both have played this year I'd tend to agree. The Braves are just in dire need of pitching. I'm guessing Aybar will fill Betemit's super-util role, so they didn't lose much there. Betemit's a pretty good player though. Baez friggin' sucks though. They must've been afraid of losing their IF depth guy, because Linebrink's a much better pitcher at this point in time.

Oh, and BTW, you should be happy. It was rumored that LA and Seattle were discussing a Beltre deal, with Aybar and cash coming to Seattle. Be happy...
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