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M. Salah

Originally Posted by GonzoLays
Carmelo and Bird are two completely different players. It is just unfair to compare them.

Bird could do everything. He was your classic point-small forward. You can compare his vision of the court to Jason Kidd; his outside shooting to Peja Stojackovic; his rebounding to Shawn Marion; and his basketball intelligence to whomever is the smartest player in today's game. He is the defintion of a complete. I once saw him take his man into the post and shoot a 12 foot LEFT HANDED sky hook even though he was right handed!! Who can do that in today's game?

About two months they did a piece in the Boston Globe in which the write stated that Paul Pierce was the greatest scorer in Celtic's history. The story got back to Bird and his reply was, "I could have averaged 35 points a game if I wanted to. If I only played six months a year, instead of nine months because we made it deep in the playoffs every year, I could have averaged 40 points a game. But that was not the point. Statistics suck because people think you can judge a player by how many points he can score. What about all the small things like taking charges, or making the right pass to swing open a teammate for for an uncontested jumper? You can place a player's worth on how much he scores."

He was your ultimate team player. How many superstars do you see taking charges and diving for loose balls on the fourth game of a five game road trip in the middle of the season? How many superstars give up their stats for the betterment of the team? If you love basketball, then regardless if you are a Lakers fan or a Bulls fan, you are a Larry Bird fan.

And never, ever forget about the clutchness:

Dominique Wilkins: "If you put Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson into a room and only one could walk out, my money would be on Bird. You look into his eyes and you see a killer."
Believe me dude, you don't have to convince me. Carmelo has a long way to go before he is compared to any of those guys.

All I'm saying is, I think as a collective group, this group will be very good and could very well dominate like the 1992 team did.
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