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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
As I said, many of those comparisons are ridiculous.

Carmelo Anthony does not compare to Larry Bird.
Dwight Howard does not compare to Charles Barkley.
Bruce Bowen does not compare to Chris Mullin.
Chris Bosh does not compare to David Robinson.
Chris Paul does not compare to John Stockton.

The rest of them you can at least see a few similarities, but some of them are simply off the wall. But you have to remember that this is the era of ESPN breaking everything down into lists and trying to convince people that today's players are better than yesterdays players and everything happening today is the best that it's ever been in the sport.

Give me the '92 Dream Team over any team, in any era.
Well said. There is no point in comparison outside of trying to milk everything they can out of their golden age in the spotlight. The Jordan years might have set pro basketball back 20 years. Now everyone has to be the next _______ to be worth anything. All the while unique players slip through leaving their own relatively silent legacies. Tim Duncan being example no. 1.
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