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Chad Kelly Is The One
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Chad Kelly

Larry Bird F (Boston Celtics)
2006 clone: Carmelo Anthony

If clutch shooting was an official statistic, Anthony would be leading the league. He is quickly developing into one of the NBA’s most clutch players. Bird made a career out of making big shots. If there is one thing that the U.S. needs it is someone they can count on to make shots in a close game. While Anthony may not have the long-distant range that Bird possessed, his all-around scoring ability is extremely Bird like.



They are trying to compare Carmelo to Bird? Are you kidding me? Has Carmelo ever dropped a game winner the playoffs? Has ever put a team on his back and carried them to even the second round of playoffs?

Bird -- 3 times finals NBA Finals MVP; 3 times League MVP...Bird has a playoff career average of 24 pts, 10 rebounds and 7 assists per game!

Melo, while he shown to be clutch in the regular season, has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be compared to Bird in any shape, form or fashion.

If you want to compare a player from today's game with Bird, start with Lebron James.
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