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Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn
No, really it wouldn't be all that bad in the 4th round. Sensitive?
Oh. Well, I am constantly mocked for liking him. Remember, I live in Canada, so I can walk up to any person in the street and say Paul Kariya and they will know exactly who I'm talking about.

I also love him because he was knocked unconscious by Scott Stevens...and then went back on the ice. My favourite story about him is this one though:
Halfway through the next season, Kariya was selected to play for Canada in the World Junior Championships in Germany, joining another much talked about junior, Eric Lindros. The two became friends during the tournament and Lindros, seeing that the smaller player was exhausted and sick after so many games, suggested Kariya take a break when he returned. Kariya did not heed the advice and became sicker. He collapsed just before an All-Star game and was diagnosed with mononucleosis. He returned after missing 12 games and led the Panthers to respectability. Kariya finished his final junior season with 132 points and was chosen the top junior player in Canada.
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