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Jake will be our quarterback for several more years."

Ted Sundquist on our present and future quarterback
If "several" meant two I might take that comment seriously Jake. I swear, I have never seen someone homer for a QB that basically was thrown to the curb for Kurt Warner and others. It's comical honestly. I suppose we drafted Cutler to prime him for free agency in 5 years? I'm quite surprised Sundquist made that statement. Maybe Cutler will get upset about that comment and hold out in 2007 if he isn't handed the #1. If the GM thinks we are set for "several years", why was Cutler drafted in the first place? So we could groom Jay for a job at another site?
Anyway, that sig line is quite amusing and I don't recall Sundquist making that comment but I'll take your word for it.

As far as a shooting guard goes, people have been crying for years. Something is better than nothing, and it might take some pressure off Melo. Honestly, I don't follow the Nuggets too closely, but it seems they are not pathetic anymore.
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