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Originally Posted by Pendejo
I f'ing hate the Detroit Red Wings. I simply hate them. During the 2002 playoffs when the Avs should have doubled up...I was screaming for the Avs as a whole to put the body to an obviously crippled Yzerman.

I hate the Red Wings....but when it comes to my personal who do you want on your team list...Stevie Y is right up there with the great John Elway...

Joe Sakic will retire in his league though...they're similar types of guys...

I loved to hate Stevie Y.

I hate the Winger Dingers as much as the next Avs fan, but I have all the respect in the world for Stevie. Its hard to hate a guy like him. And yes I wholeheartedly agree, Joe should be in that class too. Of course I'm biased.
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