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Originally Posted by Jori
It hurts big time, but DU can still make the tournament if the freshmen can contribute and the goaltending is more consistent. One thing this year's squad had that last year's didn't was depth. Luckily for Denver, NoDak, CC and Wisconsin have also suffered losses and it's a strong possibility that Kessel will sign with the Bruins.

What's funny was that I was about to pay for my West Regional/ FF tickets. I'm still going to buy them. Regardless of whether Denver is in the tourney or not, it's still a great experience to go to one these tournaments.
I don't think losing Statsny this year will hurt as much as Skinner last year because the forward corps is deeper this season than the defense last season. Still, this is a huge loss for the Pios, as we all know. Last year it seemed like it was Carle, Statsny and Dingle that did all the scoring. Only Dingle is left. Ouch.

I'll still be going to the 2007 regional and 2008 Frozen Four. I wouldn't miss those for the world.
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