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Allright, here's the rundown. I'll try to be brief.

The draft will be 25 rounds. That's 25 players on a team, just like in MLB. Once we get to 25, we can talk about going further, drafting guys to go to our respective AAA clubs and whatnot if people are still interested.

Everyone will have 12 hours to make their pick. If your time expires and you haven't made your selection, the next person in line is put on the clock, though you will still be able to make your selection at any time.

This is a snake draft, meaning (for those who might not be familiar with it) that the person who has the last pick of the 1st round gets the first pick of the 2nd round and so forth. That's always seemed like the fairest way to do these things, so that's what we're going with.

I'll be holding a lottery shortly consisting of me placing everyone's name in a hat and drawing them out to determine the draft order. Once that's done, whoever receives the first pick will officially have the clock started on them to make their selection.

That's about it, let's have some fun with this, folks.
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