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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
How much is an undersized, ball grabbing, offensive deficient PF going for these days? I'd say the LLE is right up his alley unless it is the Nuggs we are talking about. They would probably offer a contract of around 6 years 42 million.
Actually, his offensive deficiencies (odd as it may sound) are a part of what's making him attractive to teams. The reason being that he doesn't demand any shots, which works out well for a team that's already chock full of offensive options (like Minnesota with Garnett, James & Davis). His role is rebounding and he's damn good at it. He's also a serial flopper, so he'll buy a few calls along the way.

The last rumor is that he was looking for a good portion of someone's MLE, so he's likely commanding a salary in the $4.5 million range. Hell, if Greg Buckner can get someone's MLE, I can see it happening for someone like Evans.
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