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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Man-Goblin
I think I was listening to those same two guys on the stream in my cube, and it all didn't make much sense to me. Last time team USA began a training camp it was in Jacksonville, FL (I know, because I was living there at the time). And believe me, those guys still found a way to get out on the town. Hell, I watched the Mike Tyson fight in a bar a booth over from Amare and his 20 man entourage the night before their first scrimage; I think against Puerto Rico.

Point is, if these guys want to go out, they'll go out. Even in a po'dunk town like J-ville. But eveything I've hear is that they're concentrating on basketball.
Oh I absolutely agree with you. But there's a big difference, IMO, between a city where the clubs close at 2 am and a city where the clubs don't close at all. But you've got a point, these guys could party anywhere.
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