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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Man-Goblin
Carmelo's has got to make this freaking squad. At least, I hope so. It can't be anything but good for him; working out in with the best players in the world will only make him better. Plus, everything I've read is that this team is alllllll business and ready to bring home the gold at the world championships.

Imagine that? Modern players treating the World Championships like it's freaking Fort Knox. I think it's awesome.
I think Carmelo will make the squad. Everything being said is great, and Coach K has said he likes his game. Plus I think there is going to be a focus on the young guys, so they can form a nucleus to stay together for years.

Now, as for this whole "all business" thing, I'm skeptical. Now everybody knows that I don't care what these guys do off-the court, or field, or ice, or whatever. As long as it doesn't affect their play, these guys can do whatever thye want.

But, with that said, I was listening to this local radio show in Denver that comes on right after Jim Rome on 950 AM... It's two guys, one is a Nuggets guy and one is a former Bronco... the names escape me. Anyways, the point that the nuggets guy made was, if this is supposed to be all business, why go to Vegas? Why not the Springs which has an olympic training grounds? Why go to a place where the guys are going to want to get laid, party, etc the whole time? Why go to a place with temptation 24 hours a day?

Like I said, I don't care what these guys do off the court. Wanna go to a club? Fine. Hell I've seen Mike Anderson, during the season, downtown on a thursday night smoking a cigarette, which can't be good for a running back.

But with that said, I'm not going to buy this "we're all business" thing until I see the final cut and see them play. I totally see the guy's point. Vegas is trouble.
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