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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
This whole being pro-active and making deals thing makes me tingley all over. Thanks for nothing, Kiki.

And I read on insider that we were looking at Van Horn and were still in the AI running. The cool thing about this AI deal is that I don't expect it to happen at all, which will make me that much more excited if we DO do it.

But this whole other deal being worked on is intriguing.

And Goooo Carmelo!
Carmelo's has got to make this freaking squad. At least, I hope so. It can't be anything but good for him; working out in with the best players in the world will only make him better. Plus, everything I've read is that this team is alllllll business and ready to bring home the gold at the world championships.

Imagine that? Modern players treating the World Championships like it's freaking Fort Knox. I think it's awesome.
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