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Originally Posted by Man-Goblin
woo hoo! the mane is up and running and i get my NBA Offseason Thread fix out of the way. What's up with Keith Van Horn? anyone heard anything? Mid-level maybe? please don't tell me the nuggs are done. yes. i've been drinking. ha.
According to the inside source (the same one who gave us the news of the JR Smith trade two days before it was talked about in the RMN or anywhere else) has said that the Nuggets are are working on a deal for another wing player/shooter. He wouldn't say who, but someone brought up Eddie House and he said, "Think bigger than Eddie House." I doubt that it was Van Horn he was talking about. He also said that the Nuggets are still very much in the running for Iverson, but if another deal comes up that they like, they'll pull their offer off the table with Philly and go another direction. They're not going to wait around for Billy King to make up his mind and it's looking more and more like Iverson could be back in Philly at the beginning of next season.

Van Horn wouldn't be a bad option if all else fails. He won't command much $$ and he's a decent shooter. I'd take him if nothing else materializes
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