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Originally Posted by amesj523
I really think abs was fine for you guys - he was no worse IMO than theodore (or no better depending on how you look at it) and would have been FAR cheaper.
I addressed this a few pages back.

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
Then there's Jose Theodore, the guy Lacroix just had to have. Forget for a minute that his performance before the trade was poor. No, focus on what he did once he got here and ask yourself this, did he do anything that David Aebischer couldn't or wouldn't have done? The answer, in my opinion, is no. He is going to do something this year that Aebischer wouldn't or couldn't have done, though. He's going to count $5.33 million against the cap. It's obvious that Quenneville didn't like Aebischer, fine. Why not let him play out the season and then just fail to qualify him and let him become a UFA? You save the cap space and you've got plenty of $$ available to find a suitable replacement. Nope, Lacroix wanted Theodore and his fat contract, so that's what we've got. A goaltender who's performed no better than the guy he replaced, but eats up considerably more cap space. Brilliant.
My feelings haven't changed.
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