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Originally Posted by amesj523
you guys have to keep svatos or hope someone picks him up so you get some picks to stock the shelves with.

I really think abs was fine for you guys - he was no worse IMO than theodore (or no better depending on how you look at it) and would have been FAR cheaper.
The organization clearly doesn't feel that way. In fact, if you read between the lines, they clearly blame the goaltending for the Avs "average" regular season. The Avs don't believe that Aebischer is a championship goaltender, but see the "potential" in Theodore. They are doing everything they can to get Jose back to his 2002 form; including hiring Jeff Hackett as the goaltending coach. Hackett was Theodore's backup in Montreal during his MVP season and Theodore has cited Jeff as a reason for his success that year. I'm not a Theodore fan. I'm not happy that the Avs are placing blame on the goaltending when it's clear that the defense was a bigger problem. The defense hasn't improved and the Avs are putting all their eggs in one basket (Theodore). This could really blow up in the Avs face if Theodore continues to be inconsistent. I really hope that Budaj can develop into a #1 goalie or that Billy Sauer is a diamond in the rough.

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