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what's his fac

Originally Posted by cbs1177
I think child molestor is over the line. I don't ever remember calling some one a name merely point out a vaild point and then those smart remarks usually shut ups the opposition.
Child Molstor is over the line , in any aspect , when I first found that list , I went and searched for hours for democrats that have done the same , couldnt find any , So I made a thread called it Some Republicans Ideas of family Values well several posters went off as if I said all republicans .......... well I just played up to that .....
Same way with Christians here , we all can agree that there are Taliban type christians , I posted a piece one time about Some Taliban Christians , or what I called them , Rascal and Mile High Shack , acted as if I pulled thier skrits over thier heads .......
in life sometimes the nicewr you are getting your point across , the more resistence you get , but if you jump up and smack the S.O.B. then your point will be taken ( even if for a brief minute ) more serious ..........well I cant hit anyone here with a 2x4 , so I do the next best thing ......
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