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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
I read somewhere that they've talked about a deal for Kenyon Martin, but the Knicks wanted the Nuggets to take Steve Francis and the Nuggets declined.
The Nuggs turned down Stevie Franchise for K-Mart? That is ludicrous.

Steve Francis may not be that highly rated anymore, but he can still ball. He just needs a change of scenery. When he was in Houston he was a perennial all-star who led his team to numerous playoff appearances. Just two seasons ago he was 20 pt, 5 rebound, and 7 assist guy. Now, he stinks? I think he has become disenchanted with his stops in Orlando and New York and quite frankly, who wouldn't be. Orlando was rebuilding and the Knicks are simply a mess. Put Franchise on a playoff team and all his warts go away. Keep him in a losing situation with no defined role and he is the devil.

Miller, Franchise, Nene, Camby and Melo can make some noise in this league. You guys should have made that move.
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