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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
For the sake of not cluttering the board with every move made in free agency/trades, let's condense this all into one thread.

I'll kick it off with the latest whispers about the hottest story out there right now, Allen Iverson. The rumors (and these are just rumors at this point) are that three teams are seriously in the mix. Golden State, Denver and Boston are all making a push with the Warriors having the edge at the moment. GS is rumored to be offering a package that includes Baron Davis, but the 76ers want Ike Diogu included and the Warriors aren't budging on him, yet. Denver is said to be making the strongest push, but need to get a 3rd team involved to make it work. Boston is still in the race, but it looks like Philly is trying their damndest to send Iverson to the Western Conference.

Jamal Magloire is also said to be on the trade block.
What is Philly going to do Allen Iverson Jr? Baron Davis is the broke man's Iverson. He shoots less than 40% from the field, he spends half the season on the injured list because of his bad back, and makes just as much money as AI. Stupidity. If I were a Sixer's fan I would shoot Billy King in the ass if he made that trade. Ike Diogu and Baron Davis for the Answer? Give me a break. That is a lateral move for the Sixers. It doesn't make them better in any shape, form or fashion. If BK makes that move, he should be fired immediately. Ike Diogu is definitely not the "answer" in Philadelphia. He is a undersized PF much like Mike Sweetney and Robert "the tractor" Traylor.

You move Iverson to rebuild, not reload to challenge for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference.
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