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Default Amesj's Diatribe - or My last breath, why am i wasting it?

I've only party responded and with different parts of who [I]I[I] am.

So i'm going to say this from the point of view of what mood i'm currently in this afternoon:

I would have no problems leaving this BBS. It's a very nice BBS and TJ and others have done well for this board. I understand the claims on vulgarity, etc - but do feel the double standard rules applies to posters, and well as we see - to forums as well.

First off:

1. **** Spam. I don't care if it's vulgar to say it. IF you cannot write a post from your own free thought that was given to you either from "god" or from the millions of years of cellular evolution - DO NOT POST. There is nothing more wasteful than someone not capable of thinking on their own, and relying completley on 'argument from/of authority' as the complete basis for your posts. I don't care how many stupid pictures you post of Mike Moore's head up Clinton's Ass or how many pictures of Bush in a dapper uniform designed by Hugo Boss - 99% of the time it's crap, it's junk - it's not creative. Make your own instead, at least put effort into your task of propoganda.

2. if the only retort you can have is "liberal this, conservative that" - i suggsest you stop watching TV and listening to radio for 6 months and read as many books as you can in that time frame, or take up needle point - i don't care. Unplug, then re-evaluate your positions.

3. I don't care if you are christian, muslim, hindu, cult of amesj523 - no matter who your god is, mine is better - stop trying to run a conversion sale.

4. If you have a legit beef with someone, don't post and whine to a mod. Call it out in the open. What a stranger on the internet scares you? Please. if you are truley offended by something, let everyone know. Who knows, it may suprise you - there could be a justifiable merit to your beef - or - maybe just maybe - the problem is 'you'......

5. Learn to let GO of your own dogma, and really read what some people post. THINK THINK THINK!!!!!!!!! Just maybe for kicks, you should try thinking from the other side - maybe it will allow you to progress above r/d -

6. Words mean things - as anyone knows from my posts - i use words - their placements - etc - if you do step over the line - accept that you did and take what you get. I know i've offended many people with my postings - however - understand that 98.2% of the time i mean it as either a tool (an extreme is much easier to make a point with than a 'grey' item) - or for the sake of vulgar humour (which i guess is now taboo....)

7. Think about vulgarity and censorship. Is the freedom you seek a sterile homogonized place where thought and creativity are stifled in order to be visually pleasing?

8. why are you reading this, i don't have any answers.

9. you are all greater artists than you realize.

10. Equivalent exchange.
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