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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff
What's your problem?

Why don't you do your job and MODERATE this room, instead of b****ing and threatening?

TJ, it was just one week ago when you complained in the main room that WRP is a "cess pool" and whenever you go there "you feel dirty." And yet on that VERY SAME DAY - you started a thread in here!!!! (The "Reesurrect a President" thread - a great thread). I'm sorry, TJ, but that makes you a first-class hypocrite in my book, at least on this topic.

WRP is the only room on this board without a moderator ... and yet you are "shocked, shocked!" when name-calling goes on?! Gimme a break. Stop blaming the room. As somebody who spends time in here (that's absolutely certain he posts nothing improper), your threats tick me off. You say "police yourself"? I say "do your job." Why not get, maybe, RedRocket to moderate? He seems pretty level-headed and not too political, and he has time to spend 30-60 minutes twice a day to go through the threads. We'll help him by self-reporting with PMs, and he can dole out whatever warnings or suspensions are warranted. (You know - like you do in EVERY OTHER room?!?)

I know the OM has been growing exponentially, and I'm happy for you and everybody. BUt don't act like the problem is getting "out of control," From where I sit, you're the problem. You and that empty box at the bottom of the page that says "Moderator:"

I'll do it if you guys want, I don't mind.
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