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Originally Posted by Falconer
Wow! I was only gone since Thursday. What did you all do to piss off TJ like that? I do not feel that we should get rid of this forum, as it is useless for me to post on the main board most of the time when there are people like Mediator, Khan, Atlas, Meck, TJ, ... all the way to Bob (testing to see if you pay attention to the main board), who have great takes. I will chime in from time to time when I do not think I am being repetitive.

I do enjoy discussing different ideas with others on this board, whether or not we come down on the same side of the fence. I try never to be vulgar or obscene in any conversation I have. Slug and I had a real disagreement just last week and even though he still follows his misguided ways ( ), neither of us had to resort to anything more than trying to get our point across in a civil manner.

I believe that it was most likely the diatribe that Spide and I got into that did it.
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