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Champ Bailey

I dont come around this forum as much as I used to because of the circular nature of the discussion. There are some great posters here who I enjoy to debate/agree with, and there are some that I dont see any contribution from at all outside of personal insults and/or thread hijacking. It seems as though every discussion ends up a "Bush sucks" group affirmation by a few posters. Most of us know that the government isnt doing everything that we hope that it would do. I would like to see the forum move on a bit from that into some real discussion about relevant topics.

Im certain that I havent been one to effectively mediate the warring factions of this board, but I have tried in the past. I also admit that I have been part of the problem at times by contributing to the volatile banter.

I have also seen great contributing posters drawn into the same garbage talk that I have been drawn into.

I'll do my part to cool it down. It's a politics/religion forum, and you cant expect everyone to agree with you, or to be convinced by your arguments. At the very least there should be a foundation of mutual respect for the forum (that we dont pay for), and for the right of all Omane members to have an opinion.

We can police ourselves by letting off the gas when it becomes obvious that we are pressing too hard. Give Taco and his mods a break.
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