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Originally Posted by amesj523
I will say this, this board shuts down - i'm done with the OM. the only real reason i come here is for this part of the board.

I can't talk football with everyone topside. It's too vulgar with all the hate of cheif and raider fans. to hate someone over the stupid colour of their jersey or the team they root for, i wonder what could be more vulgar than that display of human egoism rooted in it's deepest desires to be accepted and part of something larger than themselves.....
I agree to a point, but in reality the sports forums are able to handle smack talk because of the relatively light nature of the discussion. You can smack talk a rival and still expect to get along around the watercooler. It's just a sport, and that's understood. You cant expect everyone to be able to take things less personally when dealing with issues that involve how your money is used by the government, whether or not your children have to die fighting for the country, or whether or not your community has the right to display their symbols.
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