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Originally Posted by amesj523
I will say this, this board shuts down - i'm done with the OM. the only real reason i come here is for this part of the board.

I can't talk football with everyone topside. It's too vulgar with all the hate of cheif and raider fans. to hate someone over the stupid colour of their jersey or the team they root for, i wonder what could be more vulgar than that display of human egoism rooted in it's deepest desires to be accepted and part of something larger than themselves.....
ames, that's some very heavy stuff. But sometimes, friend, a jersey is just a jersey.

But seriously, your post raises VERY interesting questions ... I don't understand the economics or the revenue stream of a message board, but you gotta believe the more traffic the better for TJ. With the massive growth here lately, people who come here for NON-FOOTBALL reasons might be an excellent growth market.

Maybe a "OrangeMane+PLUS" half of the board .... with a blue background instead of orange, but originating with the same URL. He could put WRP in there, and the PhotoShop forum, photography, Off-Topics .... and leave all the Sports on the orange "OM."

He could add a "Tech & Computers" forum with videogames, PDAs, home theater, flat-screens, DirecTV, computers, IP, cell phones, photography, etc.... maybe a "Health & Fitness" forum for exercise, WWE, supplements, self-help, diets, health issues. USE this traffic bonanza ... give them MOIRE places to go rather than fewer.
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