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Originally Posted by Taco John
Buff... I said Rascal had the post of the year. You said "Nonsense." My advice to you is to beg Footsteps do one of his little in depth analyses on what Rascal posted. You might not like the way I'm doing my job here... But it's getting done, and one way or the other the problem WILL get solved. I suggest you endeavor to be a part of the solution.
On the contrary, I think you're excellent ... please don't make it personal. Like I said, I got out of line with you once and you handled it very well. But, Rascal's post - far from being a great one - basically said, "quit whining, mind your manners, TJ's the boss."

Well I have no illusions that you're the boss. None whatsoever. That's why I directed our 'petition' to you. You have full authority to make whatever decisions you choose to make. But you must acknowledge that elsewhere on the Mane, you share your authority with both moderators and with sets of rules. In this room, you provide neither. You simply centralize your authority around fuzzy rules and an imprecise admonition that we all "do our part."

Well, what exactly is my part? I mind my manners and contribute. Should I also PM you to report name-calling? Should I complain to W*GS or LABF when they go too far? What excatly is 'my part'?

In my experience elsewhere in life, authority figures who make veiled termination threats, provide no intermediate authority process, nor any clear-cut guidelines, are simply reserving the right to make any decisions without accountability for the rules, because none exist.

Have you already decided to close it? If so, lemme know now. I love this room, it's taught me a lot, and it's part of my routine now - I'm used to it. I started this whole 'petition' because I give a darn about it, not to challenge you.

Originally Posted by Taco John
Resistance is futile. ... I'm looking for people saying "I'll do my part."
I'll do my part.
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