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Originally Posted by Pezman
Ok, this is a very strange proposal and I'm not even sure if it would be a good compromise for anyone, but what about moving this forum to the Horses Butt as a sub-forum or better yet, making it a restricted forum, password protected area?...
If that's what works... fine by me. Just my opinion but this whole thing is a joke. If TJ really wants to shut this down...then shut it down. There are no rules or guidelines just a steady stream of be good, and don't be vulgar... What ever that means.

The example thread that i saw was less vulgar than any thread leading up to chiefs or raiders week and about 1/10th of what happens between Slap and Mock on some threads(though those threads hold some of the most well written smack I've ever seen) The word family is being brought up over and over, yet everyone using that term ignores the pornstar avatars that show up all over the front page

Shut it down, hide it in a corner, password protect it... None of that matters. The people that are complaining will continue to complain, no matter where it is. If this section is really that bad and that much of a headache then do what you want with it. I come here for the bronco news first and foremost. This section is an added bonus, if it's not here people will find somewhere else to spout their vulgar political banter.
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