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Originally Posted by DomCasual
Isn't [Daddy Bruce] the guy that used to feed all the homeless people on Thanksgiving?

Originally Posted by Nuggets4
I believe it [is still there]. That's one of those that I've been meaning to go to for YEARS now but never make it down there. I used to drive by it every week on my way to my Monday night class. The smells were amazing.
It was fantastic. They used to prepare take-out orders, as well. Far as I know, they still do.

Originally Posted by Little44
Herb's BBQ Shack in Brighton. I have friends that moved here from Florida and swear that it's the closest thing to southern BBQ in Colorado. The owner is a transplant from Alabama who opened the restaurant because he didn't feel that existing BBQ in Colorado compared.
Not bad at all. I've eaten there a couple times, and it's way above average. But I still have to say that Daddy Bruce is in a class by itself.
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