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We haven't felt this passoniate about something since mininium wage thread. I look at it as basically we are all grown up and can vote and drink. We all have had bad days and drunken state of minds. Shot have the time I can't believe some one hasn't called me a freaking idiot on some of the post I wrote while nursing a drink. I really truly don't want TJ to feel burden by running this forum board. If it gets to that point it isn't fun for him any more and becomes a chore. And then who knows he could shut the entire board down b/c it became too much to handle and compliants came every day and it felt like crap to go here any more. Okay that is my work. Let the arrows fly b/c they are coming. Only try not to take one fatally. Anyhow rambling aside. None should burden TJ with hurt feelings or other such riff raff stuff.
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