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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27
Affirmed...though I argued (in vain) at the time that the pic in question was more cartoon than reality, but the point's certainly well taken...and further evidence that a certain sense of confusion and ambiguity exists, since I'm sure you'd agree that I'd not have done so had I been clear on the idea I was crossing a line that would get me banned.

Perhaps the hundreds of nearly nude porn stars, graphic references to oral sex, and liberal use of various "vulgar" words ranging from the "F" to the "P"...had me a bit dissoriented and uncertain about what was and was not deemed acceptable.

Hence, we return to LABF's request for more specific clarity, and I'm only to happy to serve as exhibit A on why such is needed.
Turning off avatar's, sigs, and pictures is a good idea. IMO TJ needs to crack the whip on that but it's his call.
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