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what's his fac

Originally Posted by cbs1177
Wow okay first of all I have developed a thick skin since at the club I work b/c the old old bridge ladies complain about everything. I have grown tougher b/c of it. I mean they complain about everything lettuce not being green enough or mustard not yellower enough. Also I notice if you complain every day and nite your complaints don't really amount to much. I say save your complaints until it is really really important and then TJ will listen. Also I tend to help those members that gave me a 100 dollars at Christmas time rather then the free loaders. So sad to say if you want to persaude TJ then donate a million bucks or else. . Seriously I try to live by the 24 hour rule if it still bothers me after 24 hours then I let who ever offended me know else I chalk it up to personal feelings. Also Pm the person and work it amongst ourselves not depend on a third party.
What alot of people cant do is leave what goes on in the WRP , and go up top and talk ball ......... Even if Errand was up talking ball , I could talkl with him without getting into an argument ....... Down here not a chance in hell of that happening .....
you just have to put the fighting down here behind you when you go to the main forum .......
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