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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27
TJ...there are two things that bug me about this; first, I just glanced at the main board a while back and noticed the thread about "sucking off the Cowbooys" is still up there. I don't get it...this is not vulgar? A reference to oral sex is sitting plain as day on the TITLE of a thread on the main site and instead you're focusing just on what goes on in here? What's up with that? I see tons of stuff, including a lot of these avitars of nearly nude porn stars...that are IMO... innappropriate...possible "vulgar", to use your word, especially given their context in plain view for what is supposed to be a sports forum, but yet the politics/religion thread is the one that's out of control? I'm not understanding that and wish you would explain it.

Second, if this board is out of control (I'm not sure it is) it's probably due to the rules YOU INSTITUTED. I keep mentioning this and it keeps getting ignored, but the sign on the front door says WARNING... in capital letters, followed by a statement that the reader should beware because this room is not policed in the same manner as the others.'re the one (I assume) who made the decision to characterize the board from the start as a place that's not moderated like the other forums, so why are you now trying to figure out why this board has departed from the (supposedly) more stringent standards set on the other forums. If people are in here causing a ruckus, it's because they were given permission for the idea to begin with that this was a place where that was OK. To come back later while the WARNING sign still hangs on the front door and pose the question about why there's vulgarity, here seems wierd to me. What did you expect when you invited people to enter into a place where it's noted ahead of time that nobody's really paying attention to what goes on in here? That doesn't make any sense.

Finally, maybe I'm one of the people you think are saying "it can't be done"...and therefore don't care...but in reality I like this site and don't want it shut down. I'm not so much opposed to standards, though I think they're probably less neccessary than you suggest...just DOUBLE standards. I'll bet if I search the other threads I'll find dozens...maybe hundreds...of posts where vulgarity and personal attacks are being launched. In fact the first time I posted on the OM it was about Mo Clarett being a punk and you jumped all over me for it with "idiot" and other personal attacks. I turned out to be right...but that's another story. Mainly, I just realized right there that the culture of the board permitted personal attacks. Having said that...I think that in general I've tried to remain above that stuff because I know it's not productive nor does it get your point accross, though there are a couple of instances that come to mind where I know I didn't exactly measure up to that standard either so I'm not saying I'm blameless either. Overall...I don't care for the personal attacks and vulgarity, but I think I care for the subjective censorship standards and vague references to certain problems creating a shut-down situation even less; especially when what is happening is going on everywhere else and when it's specifically been stated this forum is the place for this stuff.

If you wanted this forum to be civil, then the main board should be civil also, and the invitation to enter a freee-for-all hanging on the front door should be taken down. How do you expect me to see this changing, when the rules at the front gate plainly state that it won't?
Sorry TJ but he has a very valid point. An Excellent point to be exact.
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