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Originally Posted by Hotrod
Very well put footsteps.

Im not going to defend Mock but talk about someone who gets pot shots taken at him at every turn. I lurk and post on every area of the mane and would say the main forum has some of the most hateful nasty posts on the whole site.

Yeah, can you show me a post where you stook up for him in the main forum when someone did that, or are you just bringing it up now? I can't remember the last time I got a complaint that someone attacked Mock. Seems everybody just accepts the fact that Mock made his bed, and now has to lie in it.

I don't care for the personal attacks, but I also don't care for Mock getting drunk and posting stupid stuff in the past creating the headache in the first place. People like Mock make headaches for Admins like me because he's a popular guy with people who either like him or hate him. When it gets out of control, I bring it up with the people who are getting out of hand. But Mock isn't getting attacked because of all of the sweet things he's said to people.

The bottom line is that my style of moderating is to give people enough rope to hang themselves. People will interpret that in different ways, and draw whatever conclusions about the effectiveness of it. I've found it to be particularly successful in my experience.
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