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Originally Posted by Crushaholic
There's a problem with this theory. Here, we aren't really solving any problems. We just hash and rehash the same arguments until someone does something that's the equivalent of crying "uncle".
Actually, I'm not so sure it's true that we don't solve any problems. I think it's true that people won't generally let it be known that they've reconsidered their position in the light of what an opponent is sayng, because ego tends to get in the way, but I've had a few people PM me and respond to things in a way I don't think they would on the public board. We don't always know what somebody's really thinking.
Why does it have to be this way? Why can't people have a debate without resorting to namecalling just because they can hide behind a computer?
I can't really tell you "why" it's this way...nor am I suggesting it wouldn't be nice if people were more civil, but this is just the way it's always been. Can it change? Possibly...anything is possible. But are you expecting it to?

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