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Originally Posted by amesj523

Beyond those of us who are 'stepping up'. (which IMO you are right and as noted has been stated by some of us - the overall point on those at fault, etc)

But if i may ask, since most of us are adults:

May i ask who is complaining (not nec. user names, but are they from 'both sides' - "all sides", etc?)? What are the nature complaints? Those people that are complaining, do they do behaviour that enables a retaliation that then offends them?

I'm more of a cultural psycologist - and i'm trying to get people to understand that the old saying 'for every action there is an equal reaction' applies to EVERYTHING -

Amesj believes in the laws of equivalent exchange.

I'm not going to single out people one way or the other.

But to comment on your question, the complaints that I get, almost always the root of the issue is with unecessary vulgarity. For the most part, people that complain about the vulgarity don't participate in it. (Though I have gotten a complaints before from a vulgar poster about their religion being attacked... Go figure.)

If you go to a park with your family and someone is being beligerent, vulgar, and generally disruptive, people step up to that person and let them know that their behaviour is out of line. Usually that works, but sometimes things escalate and it's necessary to call the cops. But if the people don't take measures against the beligerents, eventually the park turns into a haven for the beligerent.

The bottom line is, I believe that this community has the potential to function without the need for moderators, but instead by internal social interactions. Respect being one of the primary social factors.

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