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Originally Posted by Hogan11
Bunk indeed.

I thought this Board was trying to be much more than just an online community, as the tailgates attest to. The Boards' rules are pretty clear to suggest that certain forums or individuals should be above them subverts them and renders them meaningless as a whole. It reduces the Mane to being just another board for internet tough guys....a total cliche.

Whatever....I'm beyond the "internet badass" fact, I find it to be rather childish, but I also understand that it's some people's form of "release" there you go. If the forum goes anarchist and the rules are selective, then fine by me......I'll roll with whatever happens but taking forum rules seriously? That will be a stretch and a half if this goes down like it apparently is.

I'm actually more appalled by people who live and breath the world according to others hogan. So those people who post here, who don't really formulate their own thoughts, and are unwilling to let the rigidness of their confined space become relaxed to see that it's all comprimise.

I understand that true enlightened anarchy will not happen as the status quo is presented in here in it's grandiose imagery.
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