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Originally Posted by Crushaholic
There's a problem with this theory. Here, we aren't really solving any problems. We just hash and rehash the same arguments until someone does something that's the equivalent of crying "uncle".

Why does it have to be this way? Why can't people have a debate without resorting to namecalling just because they can hide behind a computer?

Originally Posted by amesj523
I do get rather tired of the cop out(s):

It's always been that way, that's the way it is, etc.

WE, YOU, THEM, US - has an opportunity to learn from each other and while i think it's might white of us to stand on our larauls and say "we attack with words, and ideas".

What's the score, what's next?

Who here is willing to challenge themself, and start changing the world with their own perception of the universe?

I know I am.
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