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Originally Posted by Taco John
This forum doesn't need a moderator. Hell, it doesn't need "hard and fast" rules for a moderator to enforce. It just needs a group of people who respect eachother enough that when someone gets out of line and starts getting vulgar, they step up and put that person in check.

I am calling the community out here. You are all being put in check here. If you want this forum to survive, then I suggest you take a little pride in this place, and speak up when someone starts getting vulgar, regardless of politics. If you guys can't find it in you to show that you care on that basic level, then what is the point of having the forum here in the first place?
calling someone out? That will never work. Either you let this room do as they please, and continue doing what they have been doing, or you just nuke the entire room and not have to worry/deal with it again.

I agree with BB, and some other posters, this thread was pretty worthless. Nothing here will change, unless its completely gone.
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