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Kapri Bibbs

Originally Posted by Hogan11
Nope....those doing that to Mock should get the 30 days as well as he should if he resorts to personal attacks. No murky whatever, the same rule should be applied to the board as a whole with no forum/individual above it's ramifications......and it should be enforced without exception.
What a bunch of Bunk.

I can't believe we're even having this discussion.

Most of the online sports boards I've seen on the web have a section where people play rough. One of the dumbest things going is the board...I can't remember which one...maybe Miami's if you say the slightest thing against the party're banned. It's a joke.

Political mudslinging and downright viciousness are an American tradition that goes all the way back to the founding fathers. It's part of our political heritage to verbally beat the crap out of each other and then decide things with a ballot rather than a gun. And besides...the internet's adopted a code of behavior all it's own. Calling somebody a fool, jerk, nitwit, a******, moron, scumbag, sh**head, or b**ch in the real world will usually get you popped in the nose. Online manners are a bit different. When you post on these boards you should EXPECT to get called names and abused. It's part and parcel of the internet culture. If we ban somebody everytime a personal attack is used pretty soon you'll either have nobody left in here or this place will be just another haven for pansies and whiners.

People just need to get a little thicker skin if they're going to post in here and quit wimpering like a bunch of little girl scouts everytime somebody bloodies your nose. The best defense against personal attacks is to know your facts and be able to articulate them in a way that shuts your opponents mouths and makes them flee back to the main board or risk looking stupid.
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