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Kapri Bibbs

Here's my problem with this whole idea. When you log on here to begin with you have to pass by this on your way in:

War, Religion and Politics Thread (5 Viewing)
Goooo "team that reflects my political ideology!" WARNING! This is a loosely moderated forum. Frankly, moderating political discussions is about as fun as sitting in on Raider court proceedings.
So in other words, people's expectations for this forum going in are that this place is not supposed to be limited and policed like the rest of the board, hence the WARNING proclaiming just that in capital letters before you come in here. Yet now for some reason it needs to be policed because people call each other names or get rude and nasty with each other? Politics IS rude and nasty.

It just makes no sense to me. I get it from both sides in here...from the left when I post anything about Christianity...and the right when I talk about Bush, Katrina, the economy...etc. Some of the stuff has been pretty what? I can stand on my own without relying on some kind of censorship patrol to protect me from attacks. I consider ad hominems a surrender of one's position anyway...evidence you don't have anything else. I just don't really see the big deal with all this. I see people getting just as vicious on the main board, if not more so, and there's no warning there so people should have a greater expectation of civility on the main site than they do in here.

Just my .02 worth.
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