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Look. I'm not going to burden anyone else with the job of being a mod here. That's not a desireable option at all. And Beerslug, calling me a hypocrite for doing my part and leading by example is amusing, but hardly valid. You're right that I said I feel dirty coming into this place sometimes. You're also right that I decided to do something other than complain about it and start a worthwhile thread that I though would spark some actual discussion. That's not hypocrisy. That's leading by example.

I'm asking adults to self police themselves and try to keep from vulgarity. I'm not pointing fingers at any one individual, though I could point many. I'm giving you all two options here: (1) Police yourselves, or (2) I come in here with riot gear and piss a bunch of people off. Which is fine with me. Sometimes you've got to burn the forest down to keep it healthy.

The way I figure it, the problem isn't that there aren't mods here. The problem is that there aren't enough people taking pride in the forum to speak up when someone is getting out of line.
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