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Originally Posted by §Pide®
I see now you want to throw a Bítch fit ............. Blah, Blah , Blah , war room ......Whewre was all this concern when we on the left was called Anti American terrorist loving Pigs ? or when Death threats were issued , Hell Rascal Pmed me his home Phone # wante3d to fight , thought twice when he found out I was willing ...... Where was all this concern then ?
How about when most of us on the left got Terrorist Names ? Wasnt that over the top ?
How about when certian posters here feel the need to cram Religion down everyones throat , isnt that over the top and "****ting in the pool" ?
I know who went crying to you this time , shocking it wasnt Rascal ..........
Bottom line if they can dish it they can take it ..........
This is all over that Childmolesting list I have , I know it was meck that went to you , why is cause they wont have to face the list .............Thats what it is al about , it isnt the cursing or the name calling , if they say it is then the are lying , it is the Republican Pedophilia they choose not to deal with ........
So they want Pooitics shut down .............
Cowards ........... nothing more , nothing less

Good points.

I think part of the reason for the apparent double standard here is that the right-wingers are quick to complain and to go crying to TJ and the mods when they are feeling the heat whereas those of us on the left don't feel the need to summon Big Brother to intervene when the righties pick a fight with us.
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