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Originally Posted by Pezman
Honestly, I'm all in favor of TJ's old approach of hands-off with the forum, and hope that the well-read and respected members here could lead by example more often rather than be baited. JMHO anyway
I agree 100%

This is a place for political and religious discussions, so it's pretty much a given that things will get heated sometimes.

Thus, the "if you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the friggin' kitchen" policy seems appropriate.

There are too many complaints that could be resolved with the use of the ignore feature.

I'll never understand people who constantly complain about the input of others on this forum but decline to put the "offender" on ignore.

These people should be instructed to either use "ignore" or stop complaining.

They have the tools they need to moderate their own browsing experience here, and they simply refuse to use those tools.
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