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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
I think Edmonton did reasonably well in the return for Pronger considering they had no leverage and had to trade him and his wife out of town.

The Ducks have to be the favorites next season considering they just added Pronger to a young team that made the final four. Burke has done everything right since joining that franchise, as much as I hate him.
I agree. Burke is a POS, but this was a really shrewed move. However, I think Edmonton received a very attactive package. It hurts the Oilers in the short term since they lost the big cog on their blue line, but I've heard great things about Smid and we saw what Lupul did to the Avs in the post-season.

13 million may be a lot to tie up into two players, but if they are the caliber of Pronger and Niedermayer, it's well worth it.
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