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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
No one thinks that Leopold is a bum, but he's a downgrade from Rob Blake. We spent this whole offseason talking about how the defense needed to be improved and they managed to actually take a step back.

This Avs team won't be terrible, but they'll struggle to make the playoffs in the ultra competitive Western Conference unless somehow Theowhore rediscovers his 2002 form (not holding my breath on that one).

I'd just prefer that if they're going to be mediocre, go the full nine and just be really bad for a year. The draft picks they get out of it would be well worth it.
I can see the Avs being somewhere between 7-10 in the west this year. I like their chances better if Theodore plays well, Hejduk rebounds from a subpar year and if Quenneville can resist the urge of over playing Breezeby.
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