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No problem Tred. The hockey off-season can just be as exciting as the in-season. I think now with the big named UFAs off the board, we'll start seeing some trades. I bet everybody is waiting for the Pronger trade before we see some more movement.

I just found out some more detail about Hinote's contract; he signed for 3 years @ 1 million. I think it's fairly obvious why he's no longer in an Avs uniform.

Just so you know, this signing hasn't yet been reported on any of the major media sites. The story comes from

This guy has predicted all the Blues signings correctly hours before they have reached TSN, Sportsnet, etc. Basically, he's the anti-Eklund

In all seriousness, I consider Hadley to be legitimate. I'll certainly miss Hinote. It certainly has been a whirlwind 13 months for this franchise.
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