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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Jori
I've liked Leopold since he was a Gopher, but I'm also realistic in regards to next season. The Avs defense will consist of:


Not exactly earth shattering. I am looking forward to 07-08, when all the dead weight (bonuses plus Brisebois, Turgeon, May) will be off the books; that will open up 8 million dollars of cap space. The Avs only have Hejduk, Skrastins, Clark, Theodore, Wolski, and I believe Richardson on the books for 07-08. That will also be the year in which we start seeing some players from these last few drafts emerge. I really think Paul Stastny will be a member of the Avalanche in 07-08.

While I'm not giving up on 06-07, I also know that this team has many more question marks then last year. This organization has made many mistakes since this new cap system has been implemented. Barring any further mistakes, they'll be able to rebound come 07-08.
Yep. Just like Clockwork has been's time to take some lumps and start rebuilding. Let the young guys get some ice time, and free up some money for the future.

Also...I remember when Weight was traded last year he pretty much made it clear that he wanted to go back to St. Louis. That one was a no brainer. He had his cake and ate it too.
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