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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
I'm not easing up on anything. If it bothers you that much, put me on ignore. I developed a very healthy contempt for all things Vancouver throughout the entire Bertuzzi/Moore ordeal and that won't be changing anytime soon.

When I rip Canchoke fans, I'm not talking directly to you unless that's the way you choose to take it.
That's fine...

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't the least bit against Vancouver making an attempt at retaliating. But there were obviously certain things that were out of line in that whole ordeal. First of which was the public threats made by Brad May and others. Then, the way Bert attacked Moore from behind and caused a severe injury. That was way out of line, and no Canucks fan in their right mind should've defended it (I'm sure there were plenty in your eyes, as there were in mine). If you're pissed about the way Vancouver supported him afterwards...I don't know what to tell you. The man was a loved member of the hometown team. Part of me said "damn that was ****ing stupid," but part of me also said "Bert knows he made a big-ass mistake, and I'll support him as a fellow human being."

Anyways, this ****'s been debated need to brew up anymore bad blood IMO.

And, CO, who are you trying to kid. I'm not about to put in you on ignore bro, I was just a little caught off guard by the whole "**** you" comment...I still like you. At least put me in the "other" group of 'nucks fans.
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