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Originally Posted by WABronco
Ease the f*** up with all the bashing...

In case you haven't noticed, I'm more or less a Canucks fan. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan or diehard, but Van is by far my favorite. Am I that bad? Me thinks not...

You may be right with other players, but IMO you're off target with Burke and Crawford. The impression I got was that the fans were peeved at ownership for making/letting Burke leave...not at Burke for leaving. Crawford was seen as part of the problem this year IMO (and maybe two years ago too), meaning he was bashed beforehand.
I'm not easing up on anything. If it bothers you that much, put me on ignore. I developed a very healthy contempt for all things Vancouver throughout the entire Bertuzzi/Moore ordeal and that won't be changing anytime soon.

When I rip Canchoke fans, I'm not talking directly to you unless that's the way you choose to take it.
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