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This is for you Clockwork. Another proud moment for our "Goalie of the Future"....

Paris in spring a costly fling


Jose Theodore's antics with Paris Hilton in Toronto possibly has cost him an eight-year relationship.

Stephanie Cloutier, the partner of the Colorado Avalanche goaltender, has kicked Theodore out of her life and their house, a source close to the hockey player reportedly told a Montreal television station yesterday.

Cloutier was planning to move with their three-month-old daughter to Denver this summer. Theodore had bought a house in Denver, but the former Habs player and his partner had kept their house in Montreal.

Photos of Theodore and Hilton partying and holding hands in Toronto last weekend have appeared in several Canadian newspapers.

Theodore escorted the hotel heiress to the MuchMusic Video Awards. They later were seen in a passionate embrace at a restaurant and partied the night away at a club.

The Journal de Montreal reports the morning after the Toronto escapade, Theodore had to meet Cloutier at St-Justine's hospital, to get their 3-month-old baby girl Romy out of hospital. The baby was reportedly

born prematurely and needed 3-months of care in the neonatal unit. The pregnancy reportedly had not been easy for Stephanie Cloutier, who has diabetes and who had to deal with her father being in jail at the

time. Jose and Stephanie met 8 years ago.

Theodore is no stranger to controversy.

In 2003, published photographs showed him with members of the Hell's Angels.

His father and half-brother pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of loansharking and possessing a restricted weapon.

Last year, Theodore failed a test for a steroid commonly found in a hair-restoration drug.
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